Who’s this Witch?

The Craft is ruthless, it will use whoever and whatever it needs to survive‘ was my Teacher’s response when I described how the Path of Initiation was not something I originally sought; how, perhaps I’d been too daft at the time to recognise a calling or lacked the consciousness to unlock a latent vocation; and, perhaps the Craft had to create a set of circumstances which led me to Her Door.

Whatever the synchronicities were‘, I replied ‘the key to the “when-the-student-is-ready-the-teacher-will-appear” door led me to you, at a time in your life no less when taking on a personal student and teaching was inconceivable‘.

And so it happened that in my fervent desire to learn everything I could from her about the Craft as she knows it and is willing to impart, she would dub me a ‘whirlwind‘, which suited given that the eye of a storm is calm, often silent, and oblivious to the surrounding turmoil it causes. Sometimes I suppose, it takes a Category 5 Tornado to up-end deeply rooted falsehoods and ingrained historical inaccuracies. Fortuitiously, the destruction left in a wind-storm’s wake gives way to a groundswell of fertile imagination out of which new creations, thoughts, and practises can emerge — of course, once the debris has been removed.

I chose the Craft out of unabashed selfishness and make no apologies for it - I want to know and I want to work the magic, simple as that. Equally, I’m under no illusion that the Craft chose me for anything other than its own self-serving purposes, and my winning a popularity contest was not part of the equation, not least because I’ve never won one in my life and have no intention of starting now. The Craft and I benefit therefore from a symbiotic relationship that is both constructive and destructive.

Wicca‘, is the brand of Witchcraft that pop culture likes to categorise me in and I reject for no other reason than the current ‘fluffy-bunny, white-witch, love-and-light‘ image doesn’t suit me. No disrespect to those for whom it does, it’s just not me; hence, I shun attempts to have the dictionary and historical definitions prevailed upon me.

Nor do I identify as Pagan. Again, no disrespect to the many cool Pagans out there and ditto to the various ways one can scoot me under that umbrella. I’ll stand in the rain thank you and enjoy the delicious oxymoron it creates.

I’m a Witch and I practise Witchcraft, an Alexandrian Priestess and Witch who practises Alexandrian Witchcraft to be precise . . . now that’s a whole other topic . . .