OMG, Liberals. Just Chill Out for a Moment.

Who do you find more annoying: an ignorant conservative or a liberal who attacks a person for every micro-aggression that they commit?

Once upon a time, liberalism was associated with advocating for freedom, universal suffrage, transparency and academic thought. But today, when the word “liberal” arises, one often thinks of political correctness and outrage via Twitter. The association made with the term has transformed from someone who promotes voting rights for women to a person who is offended by merry Christmas.

And that’s for good reason.

To be sure, I agree with most liberal ideas. I’ll prove it to you in a single sentence: not only was Barack Obama my favourite United States president, but I think he was too centrist. Like the others in my tribe, I get offended when people say that homosexuality and trans-genderism are mental disorders. I want big (responsible) government. I believe in social safety nets. I think that wealthy people pay too little in taxes. I think Justin Trudeau is a good Canadian Prime Minister. I hope that there will be more women in power.

But, for the love of god (who, by the way, does not exist), liberals need to tamper it down a few notches. We are earning a reputation of hysteria and extreme sensitivity, rather than of intellectualism.

For example, this winter, there was a short-lived movement for radio stations to stop playing the Christmas classic, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Indeed, the lyrics to that song are creepy and misogynistic. It does hypothetically condone chauvinistic and forceful behaviour by men.

But, on planet Earth, nobody perceives it that way. To rational listeners, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is merely a cozy song to have in the background while we open presents with our families. It doesn’t oppress the women in our lives. It does not encourage us to become rapists. It’s just a song.

There are a thousand other meaningless trigger points for today’s liberals, including being offended by:

  • The old television show, Friends, for apparently not being inclusive, for fat shaming and for demeaning the trans-gendered.
  • People who say, “All Lives Matter” instead of “Black Lives Matter.”
  • Distasteful Halloween costumes.
  • An aquarium that posted a tweet calling a sea otter a “Thicc Girl.”

It is counterproductive to become outraged by each perceived sleight against a minority group. Every time a liberal explodes about something like the wrong pronoun usage, it pushes people away from being open to progress. In fact, it solidifies their preconceived notions about “the left.” Instead of learning something new, they feel attacked and backed into a corner. They see liberals as angry babies. Liberals are foolishly helping “the un-woke” crystallize their ignorance.

Liberals Should Focus on What Actually Matters

There are plenty of people around the world who are either obtuse, uneducated, hateful or any combination of the foregoing. They absolutely need to be informed. For example, when I was in high school just thirteen years ago, kids in Vancouver (a deeply liberal city) used to think that homosexual people were weird. It was an insult to be called “gay.” Today, many of us have evolved. It’s called progress.

But evolution doesn’t occur because of Twitter shaming and moral outrage. It happens through education. Liberals need to pick their battles. It’s more effective to engage in respectful conversation about an issue that actually matters than it is to attack someone for being misinformed. We do not live in Utopia and we never will. Liberals must learn to accept that. Once in a while, they need to ignore whatever infraction is making their blood boil.

Moreover, liberals need to understand that humour is not a representation of how a person really feels. Jokes are jokes, and they should be taken as such.

For instance, I’ll gladly admit that I like hearing a good racist, sexist and otherwise rude wisecrack. I make them, too. But that doesn’t make me a racist or a sexist person. Sure, it’s offensive. Yes, it theoretically reinforces hurtful stereotypes. But the definition of a joke is that you don’t really mean it. The truth is that most of us appreciate humour that is offensive to someone somewhere. If we eliminated every distasteful gag, all we’d be left with is “knock-knock, who’s there?” jokes. That is not a world that anyone wants to live in!


Liberals are intellectually correct on most issues. However, the way many of them interact with conservatives and others is counterproductive to their cause. Try relaxing and not getting so offended by everything. You’ll find that others will be more open to hearing what you have to say.