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A new Phone? No-You need a new You

The dark side of the moon- Capitalism, Neo Nationalism

I am of Generation X. Born at the dawn of the digital world when the light was shining on the good side of capitalism, the dawn of the golden age when nothing seemed impossible.

The power and ingenuity of capitalism were demonstrated multiple times in that era. The spontaneous break up of the USSR, the break down of the Berlin wall. Who of my age, can forget, watching real-time the Iraqi night sky, lit up with anti-aircraft fire, the Patriot missile fired to down the Iraqui Scud missiles. The age of Technology was revealed.

There seemed to be no problem technology could not solve. It was a good feeling, those early days. At least till it lasted.

It is said that Nokia was a small Finnish rubber works company initially. Till they jumped on to the technological bandwagon of cables and later started producing mobile phones and turned into a global giant.

My first phone was a Nokia 3310.

It was heavy, but it lasted more years than I remember. You expected thing to last when you pay good money for it. And last they did.

In due time I got another Nokia phone — Nokia 3610. Nokia was so popular then and there were tens of different Nokia models. You just had to pick and choose your model — the brand was always one.

Nokia 3610- A small great phone

I still have it; almost 15 years old. It will still work with the old battery; if I could only find the charger.

I remember my tryst with SMS. How thrilled I was to get my first SMS. And since SMS was charged, only meaningful messages were exchanged. Same like telephone calls.

I so wish WhatsApp would start charging. And so too Twitter, Facebook and all other places where hate is freely propagated. That should stem the digital pollution and make the world a better place.

After this came the camera phones, the Nokia N series. That was the height of Nokia phones.

Till the iPhone came and with it the touch revolution. And soon followed Android — the magic of Open Source — it put a phone in the hand of billions.

Now I have a Motorola Z Play. I have been keeping it for over many years, fighting my urge to upgrade. I got the battery replaced once, and it works like a charm. Many times I was goaded to upgrade. I have resisted so far. I am not sure how far I can hold on.

Maybe I am getting old, maybe things have become so cheap that we value it less. I am not loving many things now. The love affair with technology is still alive, but it has faded quite a bit

I am sick of WhatsApp, and Twitter; and online comments, and the hate and stupidity and narrow mindedness of the people that is thrown at your face; of a people who seem to deteriorate in rational thought and intelligence, but more — in basic decency.

There is a strange love blooming for my old Nokia Monochrome phone. Sometimes I take it longingly from my draw. Many times I have thought of junking all and shifting, but it is becoming hard to break the ties with somethings like WhatsApp. Everyone communicates in that. I try to get out of all the groups, but still, I find myself inevitably tied to some. There is no escape from this. I have realised it.

Another side of capitalism is getting revealed. One where things are made to go obsolete fast. Where people are made to feel never content.

I am in need always for something or the other, turning into a capitalist slave. And I am my master and my slave at the same time. I am a hopeless addict now.

I feel helpless sometimes. I have realized this. It is a powerless feeling. I want to escape this.

No, I don’t need the latest 10,20,100? megapixel phone — and I thought I was tech-savvy, I guess I am lost now — I really don’t know, or rather — I really don’t care to know now.

I need a new me, where I learn to be content with what I have, not to get distracted by choices.

I need to live in a new world where I learn to stay away, far away from the digital junk and walk on the pristine shores of an ideal, an ideal I yet don’t know what.

No — not the authorities ways, or failed socialist ways, nor the neo-nationalist and their crude ways, nor the neo democracy where might or majority is the only right, neither right nor left, but a middle path of freedom, peace, tolerance and science.




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