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My Barefoot running Experience

Inspired by Born to Run

My Go-to Running Book

My Shoes

NikeFlex Experience Rn 6 Black Running ShoesSize: 9 | Color: Black|Quantity: 1

>Expected Delivery by Fri, Mar 23, 2018

My Mileage

Average around 5 to 7 KM per week; Road running usually. Now increasing to around 10 to 15 Km per week including also on treadmill. Using these shoes only for about 4 years now. Still going good; no injury (fingers crossed). Earlier I used to get problems with my knees. Maybe it is the shoes, perhaps now I run a bit more carefully.

I read the Barefoot Running book — Born to Run and converted to this Freestyle, basically a more flexible sole.

What’s your running story?




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Alex Punnen

Alex Punnen

SW Architect/programmer- in various languages and technologies from 2001 to now.

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