cnnectd series — Part 3: The Opportunity

What isn’t working?

Alex Benner
Jan 19, 2018 · Unlisted

Is there a better way?

Here’s how I stay in touch with people:


  • Skype calls with immediate family and very few friends
  • Intermittent Whatsapp text/audio messages with a wider selection of friends
  • Group audio podcast (the process of which is described below)


  • Face to face contact
  • Facebook messenger/Whatsapp

My hack solution to keep in touch

What has been the most interesting to me is the ‘Group audio podcast’.

It’s asymmetric (both recording and listening parties can be available at different times), somehow almost devoid of small talk, and rarely do I not smile a huge, goofy grin listening to them.

As mentioned in Part 1, since moving to Germany, I’ve kept an extended circle of family and friends up to date, by recording ‘podcasts’ of my life, and emailing it out manually.

I want more of this.

  1. (starting on mobile) Open up my sound recorder app on my phone
  2. Record the audio
  3. Share the audio from inside recording app to a gmail draft
  4. Go to desktop ->Find the last mail I sent, in order to copy/paste the contacts
  5. Copy the contacts, paste them into a new mail in the ‘bcc’ field
  6. Attach to the email
  7. Send
  • The ‘bcc’ is essential because the group doesn’t necessarily know each other, so I don’t want the contact info to be shared amongst everyone.
  • I don’t use Gmail contact groups labels. I tried the other day, and it was a huge pain, and super time-inefficient.

Alternative solutions in the market


  • I like how it simplifies the capture->send process
  • I like how it deals with groups, especially for ease of selecting an audience of people who don’t necessarily know each other


  • Not built for long-form messages


  • Everyone has it


  • Must hold down button to record
  • Can’t send to groups of people that don’t know each other
  1. Anchor — Looks really cool, more aimed at making podcasting super easy
  2. Chirbirt — Looks great for sharing audio, not quite what I’m after
  3. Spoke — Podcast app with built in social engagement features
  4. HereMeOut — Supports only 42 second snippets. More a mini-podcasting platform

Which leads me to the idea.

I want ‘The Snapchat of medium/long-form audio for the purpose of maintaining a real, human connection.’


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Personal projects, case studies, thoughts.