How Alfa Is Poised To Change Social Commerce Forever

A first look at the only app you’ll ever need for anything and everything

All the biggest social networks — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest — have experimented with social commerce (i.e. selling products via social media), but largely with mixed results. Even Amazon tried to get into the game with its brand-based social network called Spark, which was simply DOA. Alfa-Enzo introduces Alfa, a new geosocial social commerce network that could change everything, and the best part is that it’s on the blockchain.

Alfa = Snapchat + Pinterest + Facebook + Craigslist + MeetUp + Instagram + Twitter + Blockchain

The first thing you’ll notice about Alfa is that it looks almost like Pinterest. And some of the language used by critics to describe Alfa — “a hyperlocal discovery social calendaring network” — sounds unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. That’s because it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s almost as if the mobile app designers at Alfa-Enzo had every social app in mind when they designed Alfa. What they’ve done to simply app experiences across the board is reminiscent of what Steve Jobs did for the smartphone industry.

Alfa is basically a “calendar stream” of everything near you. You see content from where it occured in time and instead of having contents crammed into a single feed, Alfa’s feeds are broken up in terms of topics. From Foods, to Lodging, to News, to Local Stories, Alfa lets you tap into everything near you. Just landed in Phuket and looking for something to eat? Just simply go to the Food stream and see today’s specials near you. At the same time, you can also see what’s good for dinner tomorrow and the next day. It’s that simple.

Alfa is temporal specific—which means if you took pictures at a birthday party last week, and post them today, Alfa will actually slide your timeline back to last week and post it there. No app on the market has this capability by the way. It automagically organizes! The best part is you can travel to any point in time to post images you’ve had of the past. For example, go back to when you were born and post a picture. Everything is so fluid in Alfa. You can move infinitely left and right, and infinitely up and down.

A seamless everything experience

The main reason why Alfa may succeed where others have failed is that the experience is so seamless. There are no complex steps involved in moving between social media and e-commerce. It’s very easy to go from looking at some posts in your personal Alfa feed to hitting the “buy” button on a travel package offered next month.

Right now, the focus seems to be social and marketplace. They’ve even built interesting protocols to protect buyers from fraud and lets you call credible people to come witness a transaction for your personal safety. This is what the future is supposed to be like.

The awesome experience is just the icing though. The cake is actually what’s under the hood. Whether you’re buying from street carts, your neighbor, or overseas, Alfa makes it simple to transact quickly, safely, and securely because they are using a blockchain concept that’s designed from the ground up for normal use. To make this work, they’re giving everyone their own blockchain so that we can transact at a peer-to-peer level. What’s cool though, is that having our own blockchain gives us complete control of our data. There really is nothing else like it out there.

A social network for people who follow brands

Alfa is using the tagline “Face forward.” to promote the service. Right now, anyone can experience Alfa with their Facebook account.

Will people actually spend time hanging out on Alfa and posting their photos there, when so many other social networks have already taken up all the mindshare? Absolutely. That might sound a bit cynical, but Alfa-Enzo hasn’t detailed any kind of go to market push for Alfa just yet (maybe it’s coming later?).

There might not be any easier way to monetize your social media presence than on Alfa.

Can Alfa really take on Facebook?

Right now, Alfa-Enzo is headed in some very interesting directions. The company has spent millions of dollars to perfect its user experience. With their ICO in place, maybe it’s only natural that Alfa now feels strong enough and confident enough to take on the world’s social media giants.