Tony and Diep on Data Privacy and Identity Sovereignty using blockchain technology

VTV3 Morning Coffee Show—Hanoi, Vietnam

Our data is getting more concentrated in the hands of a few large institutions while the threat of corruption, theft, sale, and loss grows. We rely on centralised institutions to store important data:

Shopping habits
Browsing history
Medical information 
Driving history 
Bank records 
Trading history 
Credit scores

This is why it matters. Let’s take a look at what you put into social networks and platforms. When a platform gets hacked, you’ve identified yourself in the following ways:

  • My name
  • My email addresses
  • My phone number
  • My birthday
  • The fact that I’m married, and probably to whom
  • Where I’m from
  • Where I live now
  • Where I work
  • Where I went to school
  • The 10 most recent locations where I’ve been tagged
  • My 15 most recent searches on Facebook
  • Posts on my timeline
  • Who I’m friends with
  • Who I’m private-messaging with
  • Groups I’m a member of
  • Your religious preference
  • Your sexual orientation