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Diversity by ALFEW member Myrna Da Sousa. Photo by Lance de Sousa

Submission Guidelines

How to participate in ALFEW

If you are an artist or a photographer and would like to participate in this little endeavour, just shoot me an email, or respond to this piece in the Comments section.

There do not seem to be many places on Medium where people can “display” their work. That seems a pity.

So, for fun, I created this publication. I thought we could have a virtual art show here.

How To Submit Your Art

As most of you know, Medium is primarily a written word place. So how will we deal with artwork — not articles?


You will need to be a Medium member, once you are a member, submit an email request to be added as a writer to ALFEW, or respond to our article “Submission Guidelines” then:

  1. Choose all the photos/drawings/paintings you wish to submit (These must be your own photographs, and/or images of your own artwork)

Write a short description of the work or works you are submitting and the medium (Watercolour/oil/acrylic/sketch/sculpture/photographs). Max words 150

Example: This is a collection of images I took while visiting various locations in Italy.

2. Give your submission a title. (e.g. My summer in Portugal, The Rocks of Gibralter, Ink drawings, Abstracts in Oil, etc.)

3. Title each work (the title space appears under each image) and give a brief description of the image.


Cut Flowers. The last flowers of the season: White New England Aster, pink Clara Curtis Chrisanthemums and pink Phlox.

Please do not add any other text between the images.

People should be able to scroll through the images, just as if they were walking through an art show. If you do not want your images to be crammed together, insert one of these text divider markers:

If you have additional information you would like to include about your submission, or a bio of yourself, do this at the end of your images. No limit on words for this end piece.

Special Note Regarding Submissions

Duplicate Content
Medium does not allow posting duplicate content, whether from a single account or across multiple accounts, either publicly or as an unlisted story. — Medium Rules

So, if your story has already been published to another publication on Medium, we cannot accept it, or we will get into a lot of trouble.

Submitting to the Publication

  1. At the top of the page, to the left of the Bell symbol are 3 dots, Click on the 3 dots. The second item in the drop down list is “Submit to Publication” Click on that. Next a list of publications, including ALFEW, should appear.
  2. Select ALFEW
  3. Click on Select and Continue
  4. Click on Submit — here you can add tags and you can review your preview image , when done
  5. Click on Submit to Publication. You will get a confirmation saying that the work has been submitted.

You are always able to go back to your article and make changes even after it has been accepted into the publication.

You can submit a single image, or a whole bunch.

Special thanks to Anne Bonfert for drawing to my attention missing info in this section. XXO

Have fun with this.

“Embedded” oil painting by ALFEW Member Meena Chopra

NOTE TO ALL — this publication is not working properly right now because Medium is messing with the code. Please bear with us. You can submit and we can publish, but the Feature pages do not work right. Working on it ;-)

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ALFEW (Artists Looking for Empty Walls): Loosely knit, Mississauga based art group with a fluctuating membership. ALFEW is comprised of artists looking for places to display their work. We invite artists interested in displaying their art virtually to join us.

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