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The World of Abstract Mosaics

Symbolism through stone art.

Making fine mosaic art with more than 18 years of experience and 6000 mosaic designs available worldwide has been quiet a journey. Our passion for mosaic art was born in Beirut, Lebanon and Chicago, Illinois through a first-of-its-kind e-commerce business. We transform any design into a custom mosaic that can be cherished for a lifetime to come.

Sometimes when ideas and reality are stripped from the physical and external entity, they mean so much more to the viewer than their realistic selves. Our abstract mosaic artworks collection introduces art enthusiasts to the immortal World of Abstract mosaics like never seen before.

Tutti Frutti by Ricki Mountain — Abstract Mosaic Reproduction

From an artist recognized for his attitude of thriving on rejection, Tutti Frutti mosaic reproduction was born.

Striking Windows — Abstract Mosaic Artwork

A view into million lives & scenarios of a single life, Striking Windows is our abstract mosaic that depicts colorful windows & endless possibilities.

Circular Chaos — Abstract Mosaic Patterns

Effortlessly placed, this mosaic artwork is defined the way the viewer deems relative. It is a vibrant mosaic mural of experiences, thoughts & emotions.

Marigold — Abstract Mosaic Pattern

Passionately handcrafted to combine the delicacy of a marigold, its various colors, & complementary abstract patterns that radiate with a lively charm.

Vigorous Formation — Modern Mosaic Art

A modern mosaic that explores the different shapes, curves, colors & their relative symbolism. An immortal affirmation that art is limitless.

The Power of Music — Abstract Mosaic Mural

A mosaic reproduction of a famous painting, The Power of Music is a mosaic art illustration of a melody in progress.

Musical Melody — Abstract Mosaic Mural

Music breathes life into the universe since the beginning of time. This mosaic illustrates soulmates blissfully coexisting into a melody of love and harmony.

Kaleidoscopic — Abstract Mosaic Patterns

Kaleidoscopic is a patterned mosaic art beauty. It is an epitome of shapes and colors uniting in a single entrancing masterpiece.

Leaves Medley — Abstract Mosaic Art

Often a burst of natural energy is exactly what’s needed. Our Leaves Medley merges the subtle greens with vibrant leaves creating layers of tropical beauty.

The Ideational Modernism — Abstract Mosaic Mural

With a pop of color, and shadows of dark structures, this mosaic art design displays the elements of a modern city hidden in plain sight.



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We are creators of mosaic art. Each of our mosaics is handmade from hand cut marble and glass tesserae. We share captivating mosaics, one stone at a time.