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$ALGOBLK Token Contract Address Announcement

📢 New token Address:
➡️ Token Symbol: ALGOBLK
➡️ Token Decimal: 18
➡️ Add it to your wallet on BSC network & get ready for the launch!

🔥We re-audited ALGOBLK contract for 3 main reasons (Bullish):

1️⃣ We’ve increased private round allocations: We’ve had an overwhelming demand from other investors who wanted an allocation and decided to change the tokenomics to accommodate new investors who can add value to the project.

2️⃣ Lower listing marketcap and more lockups for project tokens: We’ve reduced the amount of tokens that will be unlocked at listing to demonstrate that the tokens that will be managed by the project will be unlocked and used according to a responsible time and development schedule. For example, by locking up our liquidity bucket tokens at listing, we were able to reduce our market cap at TGE by over 75%.

3️⃣ Transparent Airdrop Token Allocation Carveout: Carving out the airdrop token allocation bucket from the rest instead of minting all the tokens from day 1. We allocated a specific airdrop token budget for transparency and fiscal responsibility to allocate to listing marketing and community marketing campaigns. We needed to carve out and mint these tokens ahead of listing to allow the exchanges to allocate to the marketing campaigns that we have planned. Both MEXC and Bitmart will be very transparent and accountable for distributing all the airdrop tokens to the marketing campaign participants so that many of the supporters of our projects will be awarded with our tokens.



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