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🔥AlgoBlocks X BNB Chain-MVB IV Program🔥

🎉MVB IV is around the corner, with more than 500 registered projects.

🔥Let’s have a look at the excellent projects that entered the #BNBChain MVB IV Incubation Program

🙌#AlgoBlocks — 5th Batch (MetaFi — Smarter DeFi for the Web3)

📝What is MVB IV about?
BNB Chain is looking for advanced DeFi lego & Infrastructure projects to empower the next generation of Defi 2.0, NFT & GameFi projects, as well as protocols that redefine the concept of finance altogether.

BNB Chain is also interested in projects that are exploring the layer above this, where aggregation and tooling are prerequisites to bridge Web2 and Web3. Lastly, we want to find innovative and sustainable projects that target everyday users in GameFi and NFT.

About AlgoBlocks

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