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📝 Contract & Tokenomics Clarifications for the Community

Contract & Tokenomics Clarifications for AlgoBlocks Community

✅The Richlist on BSC Scan comprises our treasury, private investors, team wallet, advisors, and locked funds in hot wallets on exchanges on MEXC, Bitmart, and a locked fund with Pancake Swap that is locked until April 2023.

✅The allocations are locked per the tokenomics schedule that can be found here:

E.g. The Team cannot move any of the tokens for the next 8 months and the vesting is 30 Months+

✅Our token contract is unconventional. Whilst other projects may place their tokens in a 3rd party vesting contract or Dapp, we designed the contract such that the vesting will be immediately applied to the first wallet that it hits. We did this to increase governance and to prevent any tokens from being moved or resold to other parties.

🤝We strive to be transparent and detailed as possible in communicating your inquiries about the project.

🙏Thank you for your attention

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