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Full Guide: How To Participate In The $ALGOBLK Public Round Token Sale

We know you all are excited about the next steps of AlgoBlocks. We are conducting our public sale with KrystalGO (Apr 7), Decubate (Apr 14), and Poolz (Apr 15). Each launchpad has its rule for participation, so be sure to read the details about the event participation process.

Launchpad Allocation, Date & Time:

KrystalGO $100K Allocation: SOLD OUT within 1 hour
Decubate $113K Allocation: April 14, 13:00 UTC
Poolz $200K Allocation: April 15, 12:00 UTC

CEX and DEX Listing, Date & Time:

MEXC & Bitmart — April 19, 10:00 UTC
Pancakeswap — April 19, 10:00 UTC


Token Price at Launch: $0.1
Market Cap at TGE (Excluding Liquidity): $463,890
Total Supply: 188,000,000
TGE: April 19, 2022

AlgoBlocks Leading Investor:

- Draper Dragon
- Kyber Ventures
- Lancer Capital
- Big Brain Holdings
- MEXC Cryptocurrency Exchange
- Rubin Ventures
- Palar Capital
- SafeLaunch

Participation Guide:

KrystalGO guide:

Decubate guide:

Poolz guide:

IDO Page:

KrystalGO x AlgoBlocks

Decubate x AlgoBlocks

Poolz x AlgoBlocks

For those who participate in the IDO, here is some information you may want to know:

Vesting Period
25% at TGE (Token Generation Event) and equal vesting over 3 months.

Scam Alert
Please be careful to verify that the link you click to join each respective launchpad is correct. During most token launches there are usually bad actors who will post nefarious links to take advantage of those in the community. Please make sure to follow our official channels to get the correct information

How to Claim
You can claim $ALGOBLK directly on, and

About AlgoBlocks
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