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Algomint Testnet Update

On September 3rd 2021 we were proud to launch Algomint Testnet and give our community the opportunity to use our platform for the first time. Since launch, our Testnet has been battle-tested by the community, allowing our development team to build an even more robust digital assets minter.

The community were quick to identify bugs and imperfections on the platform which our development team have been able to resolve swiftly. This reporting took place primarily on the Algomint Telegram group and Twitter channel where our devs have remained active to make adjustments in a time-effective manner.

As a result of their hard work, the dev team have already successfully fixed several bugs and in turn, greatly enhanced the performance of the platform.

The adjustments made so far include:

  • Fixing the bug where transactions were getting canceled shortly after creation
  • Fixing the bug where email verifications were not being received by users
  • Continual improvements to UI as a whole based on user feedback
  • Improving the algorithm so that the platform can withstand greater traffic and scale dynamically

As well as these achievements, the dev team is also close to completing several other key enhancements in time for Mainnet launch including:

  • Resolving the KYC expiration bug
  • VantagePoint Security audit fixes
  • VantagePoint Penetration test audit fixes

So far, the Testnet phase has been a resounding success with users providing extensive feedback that is being used to model the platform ahead of Mainnet launch. It has been very pleasing to see that the majority of users have been reporting positive experiences when using the platform. The feedback that the community continues to provide is invaluable for allowing Algomint to reach its maximum potential.

While a lot has already been achieved by the dev team, there is plenty of hard work ahead of Mainnet launch. We would also like to thank our moderators who have been instrumental in carrying on messages between our amazing community and developers, allowing them to effectively implement the most important adjustments.

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Algomint is a cryptocurrency minter on the Algorand blockchain that will have cross chain functionality and facilitate this DeFi future.

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Algomint empowers the next generation of DeFi by bridging popular assets like BTC, ETH, USD and a range of other key tokens to Algorand.