Al Goanna Launch New Art Goanna Collaboration Series

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4 min readDec 16, 2021


Al Goanna are excited to announce the first drop from a new spin-off NFT series, Art Goanna. The series will see them work with a number of high profile artists over the coming months, with each artist interpreting the Goanna in their own unique style.

This first drop from the collection is a collaboration with artist Caleb Hutchinson, Co-founder of Algopulse, and features ten 1/1 Goanna NFTs which can be viewed below.

Art Goannas names in order from left to right: Celestial Elemental, Water Elemental, Earth Elemental, Wind Elemental, Fire Elemental, The Emperor, Algonaut, Galactic Reaper, King Midas, Algo Droid.

“We are really excited to release the first collection of Art Goannas in what will be an ongoing series that will see us collaborate with some exceptional artists over the next few months,” said Al Goanna Project Lead Benji.

“It was important that we didn’t impose any creative restrictions on the artists involved, allowing them to interpret the Goanna in their own unique way.”

“I think Caleb has created some really interesting unique pieces and can’t wait to see how they will be received by the community.”

Collectors should be aware that the Art Goanna series is distinct from the main Al Goanna collection. To avoid confusion, a dedicated Art Goanna creator address has been set up which will be used to mint the NFTs. Art Goannas won’t be eligible for staking or airdrops related to the original series.

About the Artist:

Algopulse Co-founder and Master of Art Caleb Hutchinson.

Caleb Hutchinson is Algopulse’s Co-founder and Master of Art. He recently created their DeCipher NFT series and is the artist behind the visual branding of some of the ecosystem’s most well-known projects.

“I struggled with traditional learning while in school, so I naturally filled in the time by sketching in my notebooks,” he says.

“I loved being able to transfer my thoughts and ideas into the real world and the feeling of creative freedom that came with it.”

“I first learned of NFTs in late 2020, although I didn’t really grasp the concept until they really rose to prominence in 2021 on Algorand.”

“When I began doing more digital art I saw the issue of true ownership as something that was unattainable in this space — theft was commonplace and I didn’t know of any way that could be mitigated until people far smarter than I figured out how to utilize blockchain for both of these problems.”

“I’ve been given so much freedom to create and visually establish our little pocket of the Algoverse and I’m truly excited for what’s to come.”


The Goannas that are available for public sale will be released in an auction format using a bespoke platform powered by EXA Finance. The auction will take place this Sunday 19th December concluding at 2 pm PST and end on Monday 20th December at 2pm PST.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of three of the Goannas will be donated to the Goanna Tree Planting Fund.

The three Goannas that will go towards the Goanna Tree Planting Fund.

The fund is a collaboration between the Al Goanna project, Borderless Capital, and 11–11 ventures aiming to continue the environmental efforts started through the Al Goanna Tree Planting initiatives as well as bring greater awareness to Green NFTs on Algorand.

So far the fund has raised 70,000 Algo and is working to onboard tree planting organizations from around the world.

Their dedicated platform allows the community to contribute directly to tree planting projects natively in Algos.

Three of the NFTs will be given away to Al Goanna holders via a competition that will take place on their discord server over the weekend. The competition will be free to enter and open to all members of the community who hold a Goanna.

The three Goannas to be given away.

The artist will be receiving the proceeds from the sale of the Galactic Reaper which he explained is his favorite in the collection.

“The Galactic Reaper is my favorite Goanna in the series,” Hutchinson said.

“The concept of death is an interesting topic to me, it’s one of the few aspects of the human experience that still has some mystery and uncertainty left.”

“The idea that no-one knows what really happens makes this a completely free area open to creative interpretation, which for me as an artist is exciting.”

As the sponsoring project, the Algonaut NFT will be retained by Algopulse as part of their collection.

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