Meet the Winners: A-Game Hackathon 2021

Michiel Mulders
Algorand Foundation
3 min readJan 5, 2022

We want to thank everybody who has participated in the A-Game hackathon 2021, and now we’re announcing the winners.

The Gitcoin hackathon has come to a close on December 7, 2021. The hackathon hosted various open game developer tracks and a unique challenge exclusively accessible for game studios.

Let’s dive into the winners!

Game Studio Track

Winner: Rise of Nature

Rise of Nature is a play-to-earn blockchain game developed by Istanbul-based game development studio RainHero. The game is built with the vision of helping the environment, supplementing Algorand’s vision which was designed from the ground up to impact the environment minimally. The game is a co-op, auto-battle NFT game developed by the RainHero indie game studio. Players will go through different locations to rescue the forest and spend many relaxing, fun hours raising their so-called “Niroes”.

The $250,000 reward in ALGO tokens will be used to develop further the game and in-game missions, its mechanics, and the NFT art. RainHero has also mentioned that they will create a game token on the Algorand blockchain that will play a key role in the game itself.

Runnerup Winner: Battle Bears

Battle Bears has received a $50,000 reward in ALGO tokens for integrating NFT skins into their existing game. In addition, they will further integrate Algorand into their upcoming revival of Battle Bears GO, a 3v3 multiplayer top-down battle game. Battle Bears GO features over 12 classes with wacky weapons and power-ups.

Benjamin Vu from Battle Bears explains that each class has many creative skins based on over a decade of Battle Bears games with millions of downloads. “This is where we saw a great way to integrate unique or nostalgic Battle Bears ASA/NFTs that can be fully playable in the game. We’re still learning about Algorand along with our community. We’re just getting started, but so far, we really like Algorand’s eco-friendly foundation, ease of implementation, speed, low transaction costs, and supportive community.”

Game Developer Tracks

Game 1: Aegir Dungeons (play-to-earn)

Aegir Dungeons has received $20,000 in ALGO tokens. Aegir Dungeons is a discord mini-game built around Project Aegir, a competitive card game that Star Sight Labs is developing. They currently have 383 players on their Discord server.

Source: @AlgoTheOwl Twitter

The mini-game allows Legend Holders (NFTs available on to fight enemies in discord to win dungeon gold ($dAGR#411521263), the community governance token. In turn, it helps govern and build awareness for the Project Aegir game, which is a competitive card game utilizing NFTs built on Algorand.

Game 2: Lua Integration (developer tooling)

Diego Cardoso has received a $7,500 reward in ALGO tokens for creating the AlgoLua project. As the primary focus on Lua is for scripting, it is rarely used as a standalone programming language. Instead, it is used as a scripting language that can be integrated (embedded) into other programs written in mainly C and C++.

At the moment, the project supports the Solar2D and Defold game engines. More game engines and functionality will be added in the future. You can find examples for both in the GitHub repository.

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