Join the Growing Algorand Community at an Upcoming Event

Algorand Founder Silvio Micali in Shanghai

Algorand wrapped up 2018 with growing community momentum across the globe. We rounded out the year with various community meetups in Toronto, Waterloo and Dubai, where we welcomed developers, blockchain researchers, and government and business leaders into our ecosystem.

We brought that same energy into the start of 2019, and we’re just getting started on a global scale. Here’s a brief recap of what we’ve been up to and where we’re headed.

To kick off 2019, we headed to the West Coast, where Algorand Chief Scientist Jing Chen gave a keynote speech at the Blockchain Connect Conference on January 11. Later that day, Dr. Chen was on hand to kick off our inaugural San Francisco meetup, too, where we had some really interesting conversations and enjoyed meeting new faces.

Algorand Chief Scientist Jing Chen giving a keynote speech at Blockchain Connect Conference

The Algorand team also launched an exciting Meetup tour in Asia. Our Turing Award-winning founder Silvio Micali and Head of Engineering Naveed Ihsanullah traveled to Hong Kong for an inaugural meetup on January 16, with additional stops in Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo.

Head of Engineering Naveed Ihsanullah presenting at the inaugural Hong Kong meetup

We also sent a team to Europe — Chris Hurley, Head of Business Development, and Jason Weathersby, Senior Director of Developer Relations, headed to Milan, Dublin and Edinburgh for our first round of Developer Meetups. We had some great conversations with developers about how to build on the Algorand platform.

One of the highlights of this winter so far was coming together in our hometown on February 5, for our first meetup in Boston. The meetup brought together local tech experts, blockchain enthusiasts, developers and businesses for an evening of networking and learning about Algorand’s foundational technology, economic management, participation opportunities, and the latest news as we gear up for the Mainnet launch later this year. We enjoyed getting to know our local community better, and getting new community members involved in what we’re building.

Check out our upcoming events below, and register now to secure a spot in a city near you:

· March 9: MIT Bitcoin Expo

· March 19: Money 20/20

· April 16: Paris Blockchain Week Summit

· April 23: Rebuild Conference

· May 7: Boston Blockchain Week

We’d love to see you at an event this year. If you’re not able to attend any of our upcoming events, join our Community Forums to be a part of our growth this year and beyond! For more information, our website is the best place to learn more about Algorand.