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Why Digital Card Game Aegir Tactics chose Algorand

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Aegir Tactics is a digital card game being built on Algorand.

TLDR: Aegir Tactics is a digital card game which uses Algorand for its payment and asset infrastructure. This is due to the speed, cost, reliability, security, and no forking guarantees.

What is Aegir Tactics?

Aegir Tactics aims to be the next generation digital card game designed by professional card gamers. The game’s foundation is built on accessibility, fairness, and ownership.


  • New players need to be able to jump straight into being able to play the game without having to buy every card for a special deck.
  • Players should not need to learn about crypto or blockchain in order to play.


  • Players that play well should be rewarded for their gameplay.
  • Players with the most money should not hold an advantage in competitive play.


  • Assets that are bought by players should be owned by players (just like physical card games).
  • Assets should be transferrable outside the game ecosystem.


Aegir Tactics has a few requirements which are needed in order to achieve its’ grand vision.


  • Payments need to be fast so that players are not waiting for their cosmetics or new decks to arrive before starting the next game.
  • Transactions need to be cheap to not prohibit small payments.
  • The payment mechanism must be reliable and secure.
  • Transactions must have minimal impact on the environment.


  • Assets which are ownable must be transferable outside the game.
  • No assets should ever be able to duplicate.
  • Every ownable asset should have a limited supply.
  • Creating new assets must not be cost prohibiting.


  • Integration with Aegir Tactics tech stack should require little effort.
A warrior in a desert setting throwing two disc weapons.
Nazir is one of Aegir Tactics Mythic Legends.

Algorand’s Advantage

There are many great blockchains available to build game infrastructure on currently, but Algorand stood out in fitting our requirements while being cheap and easy to integrate.



  • Transferable Assets: assets Layer 1 NFTs
  • No duplicates: Algorand never forks
  • Limited Supply: ASAs have a supply limit defined during creation
  • Cheap Creation Cost: 0.001 Algos to create an Asset
  • Minting Speed: minting ASAs on Algorand is fast


Current State

Aegir Tactics is still in early development, but we were able to start fundraising quickly by creating assets with little initial capital or effort. This has helped us focus our attention and funds on core game development and art.

We have an active discord with a mini-game which utilizes our NFTs and a website where NFT owners can send their NFTs on quests. Check out the links below if interested.




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Aegir Tactics

Aegir Tactics


Aegir Tactics is a next generation digital card game designed to bring fairness and balance back to competitive play.