Analysis of the new SIE algorithm

Sajjad Hussain
Nov 7 · 2 min read
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Consumption issuance algorithm

1. More scientific: Every purchase can enjoy 3 years of consumption computing power rewards, so that later merchants and consumers have endless rewards‼ ️

2. Merchants are more motivated: Merchants have twice the computing power for profit part, and the requirement for merchants to hold currency is cancelled. Make merchants more willing to participate in secret community business and make profits! The access of more high-quality merchants will help users increase trust in the Secret ecosystem and incubate more high-quality applications‼ ️

Holding currency issuance computing power income

(From December 1st, 0.1% of the circulation in the currency issuance market every day, 0.05% of the holding currency computing power, and 0.05% of the invitation computing power)‼ ️

1. The 2 billion issuance algorithm is a mature algorithm that has been verified by the market. On this basis, it has been upgraded and optimized. The innovative algorithm has a 2% growth rate of account every day, which greatly activates the active participation of ecological users‼ ️

2. Low-threshold promotion users also enjoy computing power benefits (personal currency holdings start from 100sie)‼ ️

3. New user promoters have a better chance of achieving computing power beyond (which can exceed the income of the inviter). The more direct sharing, the greater the computing power, and the platform will automatically generate super node players‼ ️

Future of finance ️

1. Which group most needs capital circulation? The needs of SME owners are greatest. Secret empowers entities to help businesses create communities, connect users, and obtain rewards for profit distribution and promotion of computing power. At the same time, it can also participate in blockchain economic activities such as DeFi lending, asset allocation, asset on-chain and currency issuance, decentralized exchanges, etc.‼ ️

2. Use sie to pledge loans and also enjoy the benefits of currency holding power

Five months of public chain online

1. Visa level transaction frequency

2. Super smart contract

3. The gateway is cross-chain, supporting all on-chain and off-chain assets

4. Of all transaction fees and gas fees generated by the Secret~DeFi decentralized exchange, 20% of them will be rewarded to the secret super node users as dividends, and 80% will be returned to the issuance pool to continue issuing, a steady stream.

Algorithm Messengers

We are only discuss the algorithims

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