This is an email from Discord server is setup for coding prep community, a newsletter by Algorithms and Coding Interviews.

Discord server is setup for coding prep community

Join me on discord to have early access to the full book — Hands-on Algorithmic Problem Solving which is designed with coding interview in heart. Open source content can be found here.

Glad to announce that I’m back to continue working on my book. The current goal is to self-publish it, and I have found an awesome coauthor. Excitingly, I’m trying out a new way of writing a professional book, which totally avoids traditional publishers and relies on the community as my early reviewers, editors, graph plotters. If you are into self-publishing, ride along with us in the journey. Looking forward to connecting and chatting with you all.

Stay safe.




Sharing methods to solve questions on leetcode, trying to systematize different types of questions

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