About Startup Panic

Startup Panic

Hi, hello.

Welcome to Algorock team blog. In this blog we are going to write down the roadmap of our game making process. For a few weeks now, we have been working on our newest project named Startup Panic! The game is currently in the development stage and, if all goes well, is scheduled to be released both on desktop and mobile platforms in the next few months.

Like the name suggests, Startup Panic! is a simulation/management game that tells a story of a founder and his journey in building a tech startup from zero. The endgame is for the founder to graduate as a giant player in the industry. During his journey, the founder should overcome various challenges and is provided opportunities as well.

We love simulation game and have enjoyed the process of making one so far. The reason being why we choose startup theme is that because we have firsthand experience in the field and we have several years of experience developing apps and creating startup. With this game, we would love to bring the fun and excitement for you, too.

There have been several games with rather similar theme before, we’ve played them and enjoyed them through and through. However, Startup Panic! offers you something a bit more: we’re trying to bring this game to be as close as possible to the real life cases such as managing employee mood, trying to show our product the world, keeping balance between doing research, creating a new feature, and increasing market cap. We also plan to make a lot real life scenarios such as handling bad decision from other stakeholders or making a decision about what to focus on when making a pitching presentation. This game is still in heavy development. However, if you have any idea, for the game features, please let us know. It’s always a good idea to create a product that’s shaped by its users.