Algory Project — ALG tokens Airdrop!

Algory Project announces an Airdrop of additional tokens for ALG token holders!

We will take a snapshot of the Ethereum blockchain at block 4982845 (approximately 27th January 2018 at 14:00 UTC — depending on ETH block time). For the moment of the snapshot, the ALG balance of each ALG token holder will be tripled. This means that if during the snapshot you hold 100 ALG tokens, this amount will increase to 300. That is, threefold.

Remember: In order to be eligible to receive the additional tokens, you must have ALG tokens in your wallet during the snapshot!

There is no need for any additional actions from your side to receive your ALG tokens. The airdrop will start from 28th January 2018.

The reason behind the ALG airdrop

This decision is dictated by the willingness to reduce the unit price per ALG token expressed in USD during the ICO, which has increased significantly due to the significant increase of the price of ETH.

We hope that this decision will have a positive effect on the market liquidity as well as providing more favorable predispositions to develop the project thanks to a much larger number of tokens in circulation without changing the summary value of tokens for ICO contributors.

We wish to appreciate the community that relies on us and took part in our ICO. We also listen to your comments — and this was one of the most frequent topics appearing immediately after the end of the ICO.

What’s next!

Currently, we are focused on the company’s dynamic development. In the upcoming weeks, we will publish a series of news items on what is going on with us as well as information on MVP version that is being prepared for you.

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Algory Project