Information on the Demo version

Dear Algory Community,

Thanks to the enlargement of the team, our work has gained momentum. As we mentioned in the last note, we have been working in parallel on the DEMO and MVP (Minimum Viable Product) versions. We want the version we publish to meet your requirements and at the same time we are following the plan presented in the roadmap, which will soon be updated with detailed development plans and progress of works (I will inform further about this in a separate post).

During the development process, we decided to expand functionality in the Demo Version. We, therefore, implemented some modules at the expense of a slight publishing delay. Our goal, after all, is to provide the most perfect tool.

In the demo version, two functions of our Algory Project application will be available:

  1. Powerful Cryptoscanner
  2. Cryptonews helping you to profit with faster news & research

Functions in Demo Version

You are welcome to view the materials in which the two functions described in the DEMO and MVP versions have been described in detail.

Create fully automated and versatile filters and alerts that scan the cryptocurrency markets in real-time. The scanner will radically change the way you search for and pick cryptocurrencies for trading! Learn in real-time which cryptocurrencies are hot by using more than 100 different filters and alerts. Analyze all the cryptocurrencies that are relevant to your trading strategy. Take advantage of autotrading based on filters and alerts too!

You can read more about Cryptoscanner here: The most powerful cryptocurrency scanner.

Cryptoscanner in the DEMO version will analyze and filter data from the exchanges such as:

Cryptoscanner will analyze the data streams from the following cryptocurrency pairs:

Pairs that will be streamed on our Cryptoscanner

This is just the beginning. Imagine what awaits you in the final version in which, initially, the data from nearly 70 exchanges will be filtered.

Nearly all cryptocurrency pairs will be filtered and analyzed on the basis of a wide range of filters and alerts which we have described in detail here: Cryptoscanner.

Cryptoscanner in the demo version will soon be published.

Are you tired of trying to glue together all the websites that you use… just to find the hottest news? Meet the quickest and most advanced News Streamer in the Cryptocurrency Industry. Created for traders who need to be fast. Now you have it all in one place: news services, blogs, tweets, Reddit, and much more! A highly intuitive workspace which you can browse by your chosen sources and criteria. Stay on top of every headline that matters to your portfolio. Timing the market to perfection is hard. Stop waiting for headlines and get the current news. Check the news, find the talked-about cryptocurrencies, and spot the sentiment indicators so you will know all about the potential impact of a story.

You can read more about Cryptonews here: Cryptonews — never be late again!
Find out how Algory — Cryptonews — will help you: How Algory Cryptonews will help you in trading.

Cryptonews in demo version

Cryptonews in its DEMO version will aggregate and filter the data from nearly 500 sources, the most crucial from the point of view of traders and investors on the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptonews has been divided into data streaming data from

  • different types of categories that are important for the trader
  • sources analyzed by the largest investors in the world
  • social media
  • influencers
  • and much more

Start of the DEMO version

Despite the fact that it is a demo version, we went much further. This will not be a presentation of a system that you will not be able to use in any way. The demo will be a fully working program in which access to some functions will be limited, thanks to which, you can easily test our tool during daily trading sessions on the cryptocurrency market.

Demo version released soon. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter — so you won’t miss the start of the demo version, and at the same time you will receive a monthly free access to the premium version of the program when it hits the market.

The newsletter is available on the main website — for subscribing to the newsletter, you will also receive one month free access to the premium version of our program.

What next?

Expect further information from us in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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Algory Team