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The AlgoVest Ecosystem Governance Token Airdrop Snapshot Update

Greetings AlgoVest Community! Are you pumped to receive a valuable token as an $AVS holder?

Today, we are extremely excited to release a significant update regarding the date on which the governance token airdrop snapshot will occur on Ethereum Network. We know that you all have been patiently waiting to know the airdrop details.

As mentioned in our Telegram community chat, only eligible private wallets that staked and held $AVS token will receive the new governance token (more details about the token will be revealed in a different article). All exchanges and Dev wallet addresses are excluded from this airdrop. The issuance of the new governance token is in preparation for the development of our governance and treasury management system.

Snapshot dates and qualification requirements?

We will honour our historical community members and reward them on the occasion of $AVS token anniversary on December 25th. Hence, if you staked $AVS tokens between February 24th, 2021 and December 25th, 2021, your wallet is eligible to receive this airdrop. But any wallet that unstake between today, January 15th 7pm UTC and January 18th won’t qualify for the holders’ airdrop. Moreover, for $AVS holders to receive airdrop, a snapshot of all balances holding $AVS tokens will be taking place on the two dates and times shown below:

  • Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 at 3PM UTC
  • Monday, February 14th, 2022 at 4PM UTC

NOTE: You must stake or hold an average of 500 $AVS tokens (minimum) to qualify for the governance token airdrop.

What is the distribution ratio?

  • Stakers: All eligible $AVS stakers will receive airdrop at this rate: 1 AVS = 0.0020 Governance Token.
  • Holders: Every eligible $AVS holder will receive airdrop at this rate: 1 AVS = 0.0010 Governance Token.

Get Ready for the snapshot! Keep your $AVS tokens in a decentralized wallet to participate in the airdrop snapshot.

About AlgoVest

AlgoVests is a capital protection and crypto investment yield generator powered by AI. It provides consistent passive income up to 60% APR in USDC stablecoin. And as a Protect and Reward mechanism to increase value for token holders, returns from algorithmic trading are utilized to buyback and burn the native $AVS token based on governance decision.

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AlgoVest is a capital protection and growth project built on Ethereum and powered by a modular AI that generates safe and consistent returns from TradFi to fund AVS token buyback to increase value for token holders. 80% of buybacks are to reward stakers and 20% are burnt.

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