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ANNOUNCEMENT: New Marketing Plans at AlgoVest and AVS Token Giveaway

Community is important to AlgoVest because the project requires governance. We need you to be an active part of this!

That’s why we’re happy to announce that we’ve brought on a full-time marketing and communications director to get the ball rolling.

AlgoVest would like to introduce our newest team member and Director of Marketing Operations, Travis Murphy. Find him on LinkedIN. Travis has over 10 years experience in the digital marketing industry and we’re sure he’s going to be a welcome addition to the team.

We’ve got exciting community-building and advertising initiatives lined up for the next several months, including a giveaway starting today! Here’s a brief outline of what we’ve got planned:

  1. Social media contest & AVS token giveaway. Starting Monday, April 26, 2021, we will be holding a trial draw for 1000 AVS tokens here ( If this goes well, we will have bigger and better draws in the future as our way of giving back to the community.
  2. Alternative crypto tech exposure. We’re pursuing partnerships and promotional avenues with various emerging social media and video streaming platforms to gain exposure to the alternative-tech crowds. We hope this will help us reach and engage with those who are used to being early adopters of amazing tech ideas, and who will add depth and value to our growing community.
  3. Traditional social media. We’re ramping up our activity on Twitter and we’re looking to build an active and thriving community on Telegram. We’re also going to create a community on Reddit and possibly Discord, and we’ll be pursuing other ideas such as TikTok and Youtube. Updates and announcements on this to come.
  4. Website overhaul. Our website will contain up-to-the-minute information about the performance and evolution of the algorithm, as well as other metrics important to the community. Additionally, we’ll be reworking the presentation and website copy and re-imagining the design.
  5. Improved transparency and communication. As we grow our community, we want to be open and proactive in relaying vital information to you all. We will be committing to a monthly newsletter, a weekly Medium article like this one, and periodic but frequent smaller updates on social media and Telegram.
  6. Exchange listings. Of course we know that it’s important to make the token more readily available to the market, and we will continue to do that. We’ll be actively pursuing new listings that make sense and we will make announcements as dates approach.
  7. External information. We recognize that it’s important to focus on our Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, DEXtools listings etc. Not only will we be communicating with them to keep everything up to date, we’re also going to consider running promotional campaigns to improve our rankings on these sites.
  8. Partnerships and influencers. First off, we’re not going to pay anyone to “shill our coin”. We’re going to pursue professional and legitimate partnerships with similar projects and like-minded individuals.
  9. NFTs. We’ve partnered with a sci-fi author who is going to build an AlgoVest lore that will be revealed through NFTs. Holders of these NFTs will enjoy AlgoVest direct benefits, such as various tiers of APY boosts for their NFT holdings. These will be released once our community reaches a pre-determined threshold, which will be withheld from the public to protect from manipulation.

We’re incredibly excited about the future of AlgoVest and our community, and we’re happy to inform you that we have already begun to work on all of the initiatives outlined above! And we’ll keep you all in the loop as we’ll be taking ideas and suggestions from our community along the way.

AlgoVest is a DeFi platform built on Etherium and powered by a modular AI which generates safe and consistent profits via traditional markets.

Check us out and come join us!

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AlgoVest is a capital protection and growth project built on Ethereum and powered by a modular AI that generates safe and consistent returns from TradFi to fund AVS token buyback to increase value for token holders. 80% of buybacks are to reward stakers and 20% are burnt.

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