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Announcing the Community-led AlgoVest Growth Ambassador Program

Apply to become a growth ambassador for and its AVS token.

We consider community an integral part of development and growth. Since the launch of the AlgoVest project, we have received many messages from community members and influencers asking to be actively involved in our community. The inquiries were mostly about moderating our group chats, creating different language communities, and growing and increasing community engagements and activities.

Therefore, we are delighted to announce The AlgoVest Growth Ambassador Program, which will play an important role in connecting the AlgoVest project to its community and increasing the awareness of the $AVS token. The AlgoVest growth ambassadors are the very fun-loving, active members in the community who are driven to engage and help both new and existing community members to better understand the AlgoVest ecosystem. We will focus on growing and increasing engagements on Twitter, initially by adopting a contest approach.

Ambassador Program Twitter Contest Rules:

  • The contest will run for 4 weeks.
  • Tweets for each week may go out as early as Mondays at 1pm UTC (aka 9 AM EST). Every week the team will create the ambassador tweet to be sent out on Monday. We will have the text ready by Sunday so that everyone — regardless of where in the world you may live — may have a fair and equal chance.
  • Ambassadors can create their own tweets within the week as well. But all tweets should be about AlgoVest and include hashtags approved by the team and such tweets will be factored in. Although you may create and send many tweets about AlgoVest throughout this contest, only ONE additional tweet will be counted in addition to the ambassador tweet that will be provided by the team.
  • Exciting, fun and educative videos, memes, GIFs or other graphics about AlgoVest may be created and added to all ambassadors’ tweets to increase visibility.
  • The value and effectiveness of a tweet will be based on 2 factors: 1-Impressions + 2-Total Engagements. Impressions and Total Engagements will be added together and that number will be the Ambassadors’ “score” for the week.
  • In order for the team to tally the score of the tweet, the Ambassador MUST send a snapshot of the tweet’s analytics as provided by Twitter. Additionally, we must be able to see (at minimum) a portion of the tweet in the photo so that we may know that Ambassadors are playing honestly. [Sample provided below].
  • A list of the Top 10 Ambassadors ranked by Impressions and Total Engagements for each week will be posted publicly on our social channels. However, we will not post the actual score of the top ambassadors weekly until the end of the contest.
  • Upon completion of every 4 weeks, the total scores of the Top 10 Ambassadors will be posted, along with their weekly tweet analytic snapshots for proof, if necessary.
Tweet activity, without media
Tweet activity, with media

Ambassador Program Twitter Contest Rewards

The role of a AlgoVest Growth Ambassador is mostly voluntary but competitively rewarding.

  • Top 10 Ambassadors for the month will win 2000 $AVS (200 $AVS each).
  • Exceptional contributions from ambassadors will be rewarded with bonus $AVS tokens.
  • As the ambassadors program gets more mature, we will also reward ambassadors with NFTs.
  • PS: The team reserves the right to review the $AVS token rewards at will, lower or higher.

How to Participate?

Complete this Application Form now if you’re interested to become a AlgoVest Growth Ambassador! Once you fill out the form, kindly message an Admin for confirmation.

About AlgoVest — AlgoVest (AVS) is a multi-DeFi-utility and deflationary cryptocurrency that derives its value from an underlying treasury powered by a disruptive AI trading program that protects and grows investments while using the AVS token buyback as a Protect, Reward and Burn mechanism to increase value for token holders.

Thank you for your interest in AlgoVest and joining hands to make our community engaging and fun. Follow us on social:

Website/ Telegram/ Twitter/ Facebook/ Medium/ Reddit/ Minds/ DEXTools / CoinGecko / CoinMarketCap / CoinMarketCal / Coinbase




AlgoVest is a capital protection and growth project built on Ethereum and powered by a modular AI that generates safe and consistent returns from TradFi to fund AVS token buyback to increase value for token holders. 80% of buybacks are to reward stakers and 20% are burnt.

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