Introducing AlgoVest — The Capital Protection and Growth Project Powered by A.I.

AlgoVest (AVS) is a non-inflationary ERC-20 token with multiple DeFi utilities, built on Ethereum. It utilizes the Protect, Reward, and Burn mechanisms powered by an in-house proprietary modular algorithm that generates efficient returns to optimize value for tokenholders. | Earn 60% APR on USDC!
AlgoVest Project
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3 min readDec 30, 2020


What is the AlgoVest Algorithm?

The AlgoVest algorithm is a disruptive artificial intelligence trading program designed by the developers to function and aim solely for consistent profitability in financial markets. Based on advanced mathematics and 3 years of research and development lead by the AlgoVest team, the algorithm seeks to maximize returns while minimizing risk, and it recursively improves at this task as it learns and evolves and is further developed.

The Problem We’re Solving:

It’s a well-known secret that the majority of people who try to day trade or enter into the market without sufficient knowledge or training lose more than they make. Maybe they over-trade insufficient capital; maybe they’re not adaptive to market conditions; maybe they have no plan and poor risk management. Or maybe they’re just missing that edge over the competition — the calculus degree or the expensive computer program. Whatever it is, the majority of people who enter into financial markets have a disadvantage, because only the top 1% have access to the most cutting-edge market predictors and trading technologies.

But not anymore. AlgoVest is powered by a cutting-edge AI trading program that is self-learning and self-adaptive to generate better and better returns from the markets. It’s the high-end program you’ve always wanted without any of the high-level cost or work involved. With AlgoVest, you and everyone else now have access to safe, efficient, and reliable returns on your DeFi investments, all backed by revolutionary technology.

The problem AlgoVest solves is information and technological inequality as well as capital protection and growth in the financial markets.

How it Works:

1. A portion of the token sale is allocated to the algorithm portfolio.

2. Currently, our algorithm generates revenue of between 20%-40% monthly for the $100,000 initial portfolio.

3. 70% of the profit generated by the algorithm for the portfolio is used to buy ETH, and the ETH is deposited into the treasury fund. We can use the treasury for AVS buybacks or to expand the AlgoVest ecosystem.

4. A buyback of AVS tokens from the open market (Uniswap) is established from the treasury at strategic times to protect the price of AVS at various support levels and provide upward price pressure for AVS.

5. 80% of the buyback is used for staking rewards, 20% is burned to reduce the token supply. Gone.

The AlgoVest algorithm brings us, the AlgoVest community, consistent and hefty rewards, strategic price protection and growth, and massively deflationary burns.

As the project and community continue to grow and evolve, we will continue to establish new and innovative revenue streams for investors to earn rewards. We invite you to join us!

Let’s Invest, Earn and Grow Together!

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-- | Earn 60% APR on USDC!
AlgoVest Project is a capital protection and crypto investment yield generator powered by AI, providing up to 60% APR on stablecoin.