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Launching AlgoPool by AlgoVest, Providing up to 60% APR on USDC Deposits, Paid in USDC

Stake AVS to gain access to depositing USDC in yield pool, ratio 1 $AVS:10 USDC.

AlgoPool by AlgoVest Launch banner

The time is now for DeFi to experience consistent passive income from TradFi.

Following community suggestions, the AlgoVest team earlier announced that as a capital protection and investment growth project, we will be launching a yield pool to allow profit sharing with investors.

We are excited to announce the launching of AlgoPool, a stablecoin investment yield pool powered by algorithmic trading in traditional financial market. You can access the platform at on your web3-enabled or desktop wallet to start staking $AVS and depositing USDC to the yield pool.

AlgoPool is one of the most anticipated platforms for passive income seekers in the cryptosphere. We expect AlgoPool to be a major yield generator among DeFi users. The AlgoVest’s artificial intelligence backing AlgoPool has realized over 150% profits in less than 12 months and is battle tested for about 3 years. We are estimating a 10% monthly profit from the yield pool deposits. While profits may be slightly lower or a bit higher depending on market volatility, the team is confident profits will be consistent.

Joining the AlgoPool Yield Pool

To gain access to the yield pool, users are required to stake $AVS tokens. After staking $AVS, investors will gain access to deposit up to ten times the number of $AVS staked (ration 1 $AVS : 10 USDC). You will earn 8% APR on staked $AVS tokens. This staking rewards is different from the earnings from AlgoPool yield pool. Hence, what you need to benefit from AlgoPool are $AVS and USDC respectively.

Lockup Period and Annual Percentage Returns (APR)

Initially, investors can participate in three AlgoPool investment yield pools with the following APR:

  • Lockup period: 8 weeks — 20% APR, interest claimable weekly or at the end of contract period.
  • Lockup period: 16 weeks — 40% APR, interest claimable weekly or at the end of contract period.
  • Lockup period: 24 weeks — 60% APR, interest claimable weekly or at the end of contract period.

Security Audits and Safety of Funds

We have taken reasonable steps to ensure security of the yield pool contract and safety of investors’ funds. The yield pool contract has gone through three different security smart contract audits, like most big projects in DeFi do, to certify no vulnerabilities exist in the code before launch.

AlgoPool will have deposit-protection risk coverage from other decentralized insurance project. However, prior to meeting the TVL of third-party insurance protocols, yield pool deposits will be protected through an internal insurance funds mechanism. The internal deposit insurance doesn’t cover the USDC deposited by 100 percent from the start. Rather, the insurance fund will be built up over time to provide 100 percent cover for total deposited USDC.

Distribution of AlgoPool Profits

Without a doubt, AlgoPool is the passive income generator that DeFi users need in this year of yields. And you can get more information about AlgoPool if you join our social channels and engage with our wonderful community.

About AlgoVest

AlgoVest is a capital protection and crypto investments growth project powered by a modular algorithm. $AVS, the native token of AlgoVest, is a multi-DeFi-utility and deflationary cryptocurrency that derives its value from an underlying treasury powered by a disruptive AI trading program that protects and grows investment while using the $AVS token buyback as a Protect, Reward and Burn mechanism to increase value for token holders.

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AlgoVest is a capital protection and growth project built on Ethereum and powered by a modular AI that generates safe and consistent returns from TradFi to fund AVS token buyback to increase value for token holders. 80% of buybacks are to reward stakers and 20% are burnt.

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