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The AlgoVest 2021 Roadmap Accomplishments and Future Goals

AlgoVest 2021 Roadmap

Hi Dear Community,

We are very proud to present an allover 2021 updated roadmap. The roadmap features pleasant accomplishments and exciting future goals.

Since the launch of AlgoVest, we have achieved many milestones, including the launch of our TradFi algorithm, releasing of our staking contract and dashboard, buyback contract launch, listing on several notable cryptocurrency tracking websites like Coingecko, Coinbase and CoinMarketCap, engaging a part-time marketing director and laying out marketing plans, especially on alternative tech platforms. The most rewarding achievements of all for the ecosystem would be nearly doubling our AlgoVest portfolio with over 90% in profits.

Moreover, as you can observe, we are currently not working on any crypto-related algorigthm. We encountered some challenges developing two different types of crypto trading systems. While developing a market maker for our Hotbit pairs, we discovered the exchange prefers to have us pay some monthly charges to perform market making tasks rather than relax their unfriendly technical requirements. The MM development halted even after we spent time and funds building. We also discontinued developing other crypto trading algorithm because the analysis of our trading experts and developers revealed it requires between 150–1000 ETH as trading portfolio. This is a target we can reach in the future as AlgoVest grows.

What We Will Be Up to During Q3 and Q4 of 2021

Currently, we decided to focus on our TradFi algorithm and grow from there. Why not. The AlgoVest portfolio is a proven system already generating returns for the ecosystem.

$500,000 AlgoVest portfolio. Many have raised questions relating to buybacks and portfolio and the expected time-frame for AVS token to start experiencing the impact of our algorithmic trading returns. Having considered the strength of the technology behind our modular algorithm and the impact we will love to see it have on AVS, we are taking steps towards reaching a goal of $500,000 AlgoVest portfolio. Details TBA. When this target is reached, we will be performing buyback on a weekly basis. Before then, however, we will do buybacks in small amounts as necessary.

Governance token, Yield farming and Airdrop to community. Plans are almost complete to launch a new token related to governance and liquidity yield farming. We will airdrop an allocation of the governance token to holders and stakers of AVS. Details will be announced in a different medium article.

Listing on a new DEX. The AlgoVest team has decided that the new token will be listed on a new DEX and we will grow our liquidity on the DEX using our yield farming platform.

Website redesign. A new design has be proposed for our website to give AlgoVest a professional look. We will finalize the design and complete website development and launch soon.

AVS Stakers Investment Club. This is a community suggested initiative and because it aligns with our long-term goals, we will implement it in Q4. The idea of the AVS Stakers Investment Club is to have community members or other investors buy and stake AVS to have access to investing and profiting directly from our modular algorithm’s returns. Investors on this club can earn profits of up to 7.5% monthly on their USD investment to the pool. It’s our believe that this will further establish the core goal of AlgoVest as a capital protection and growth project.


We have planned an exciting Q3 and Q4 ahead of us, and we believe you will be with us along the journey. Share the AlgoVest 2021 roadmap to spread the word.

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AlgoVest is a capital protection and growth project built on Ethereum and powered by a modular AI that generates safe and consistent returns from TradFi to fund AVS token buyback to increase value for token holders. 80% of buybacks are to reward stakers and 20% are burnt.

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