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UniLodge is an application where students from the local country or from another country will use to book a hostel which is easily accessible near to where they are studying. They even give the students option to chose a compatible roommates to live along so that there won’t be an issue in the future. UniLodge do provide other services as well such as they will provide you with a canteen in the hostel as well as transportation. Free transportation on the first day of arrival and from hostel to their institute, they will have to pay for a fair price.

As starting my the process to build up this application, i had to start from a mind mapping which is known as the sprint. This is where you start going deeper in the process and where you will know what and whom does the application concerned of.

On continuing the process, i moved on in deconstructing the brief which somehow make me understand the task deeply and made my work much easier.

Then moving on, i started in analyzing the existing application and started to analyze the colors, concepts, etc. The same was done for the competitors because we had to look at the facilities they are providing in addition.

Moving forward, 3 persona was made which consists of a Local student, an International student and then a Staff working at UniLodge.

Then i moved on with some assumptions, some questions of how can my application fail and what solutions can be taken. And i found out that if i don’t want my application to fail i need to not fail my clients.

After rising up these questions, i made a brief on each of my clients to understand more of what is demanding from them.

Finally, i started up with some sketch and made up 16 screens, 2 sketch for each screens and you will see that i chose one from them by placing a red dot in the screen as shown in the picture below.

After selecting 8 of these screens, i moved up in creating the storyboard. I did make some changes from the chosen screens to the storyboard and did add some arrows to show up the flows throughout the screens as shown below.

And from the storyboard, i started my prototypes using Figma and linked all pages to where it should navigate. I designed every screen from scratch, added colors and some drawings to make it look more attractive which will please the eyes of every of my clients.

From this final drawings, i started writing my questions so that people (testers) can answer them when trying my application for the first time. The fact that we were in a lockdown situation, i had to do all my interviews on video call and messages which turned out pretty good as i thought it would.

For last, i analyze all the answers i had for the interviews and then made the changes as my clients wants it. To be true, i did not find any flaws until i was told that there were issues with my work. But the process went well and turned out as i wanted it to.




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Aliah Earally

Aliah Earally

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