Draft Notes

Unfinished writings that don’t deserve to die

Black and white photo of a person looking through a window. A boat outside.

Empty. No coherent sound comes out of my mouth. I can’t put a sentence together.
Passers-by with laser eyes and covered faces. Covered feet, covered palms, covered minds.

Why did you come here? What did you expect to find? There is no wisdom over here. Only fear, anger and confusion. Three horses of the apocalypse…




The stories of the deepest corners of the psyche. Fiction that didn’t exist before and was told many times already. Don’t like what you see, what you hear? The creative world is dying? Time to fight back! How do writers fight back? They write, they create! Be original!

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A man, a Lithuanian immigrant in the UK. Amateur writer. https://linktr.ee/DariusButkevicius darius@duck.com

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