Whatever You Do Avoid This Piece At All Costs

A plastic pistol at the temple of my head

When did you read a book? Maybe you did but be honest with yourself, was it hard to concentrate? The fingers reached out for a phone, didn’t they? Did you think that your life would stop if you didn’t check FB or Twitter?

What’s there to check every two minutes? The killing fields are still full of fog. You are still alive. Keep reading that self-help book that won’t help you.




The stories of the deepest corners of the psyche. Fiction that didn’t exist before and was told many times already. Don’t like what you see, what you hear? The creative world is dying? Time to fight back! How do writers fight back? They write, they create! Be original!

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A man, a Lithuanian immigrant in the UK. Amateur writer. https://linktr.ee/DariusButkevicius

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