Medium and The Public Domain Review present…

A Mad Hatter’s Mashup Party

The Public Domain Review and Medium are hosting a Mad Hatter’s mashup party in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland this year. We’re starting today and continuing for as long as anyone wants to join in.

The Public Domain Review has invited a dozen Lewis Carroll experts to annotate a special version of the story with lots of fun trivia and facts about the book and its author. You’ll find their comments in the margin notes. We’ll be publishing two new annotated chapters here each week for the next six weeks.

You’re also invited to make your own personal digital edition of Alice on Medium.

Once you have a Medium account, just copy the text of the story to a new post that you’ve created, and pick images from free-to-use image collections that we’ve provided on Medium especially for this event below — or create your own, then add them to the story however you like. If you want to share your original art works with others, choose a Creative Commons license after you hit the publish button.

Medium has commissioned remixes of some of the most famous Alice illustrations, which you are also free to use. Make and share your own remixes of the original Tenniel and Rackham illustrations, and we’ll add them to our 12 master chapters alongside the annotations.

Make sure to tag your book “Alice in Wonderland” and “Mad Hatters Mashup Party” so others can discover it!