AliceX Model Interview Series — Miryam

Miryam is a sexy vixen with an air of mystery. She has been a webcam model for over two years, and very excited to be a part of AliceX and the new future of what Virtual Reality offers. We had a chance to talk with her and ask a few questions…

How did you first become interested in cam modelling?

I couldn’t find a job, I saw a commercial on the internet and I called the number. I went to the interview and five days later I was starting to work; that was over two years ago. I enjoy the work (and) besides the monetary bonuses, I have a lot fun. Everyday I meet a lot of really nice and different kinds of people, and that makes it really exciting and enjoyable for me.

How do you make the experience feel personal for everyone?

I like to start a conversation with the members and try to find out what they like and how they want me to talk or do certain things. I makes notes about people I see, and I try to keep in mind what they have told me; so when when they come back I remember little things about them. I like to make them feel important and special to me.

What is your sexual fantasy?

I have to pick just one? I have more than one! First, I would love to have sex on a beach. There would be no one around, just when the sun is rising. Just me and my partner lying on the sand with the waves coming up on us. I do have a virtual reality beach scene in my shows; so maybe that fantasy can come true. 
Secondly, in a public place, very public, like in a restaurant. It does not necessarily need to be sex but to tease each other, touching ourselves under the table, then maybe go to the toilet for a little more private time. I am also very interested to try sex in the kitchen; on a table or the counter. That would be hot!

What are your thoughts on how society views sex?

I think even if society has sex and enjoys sex they still think it is taboo. At least in (my) country, they are not so open about talking about sex. They don’t talk about sex at all actually, and they see it as bad. I hope this will change though. Personally, I love sex! I say it loudly! I think it is normal, if I could I would do it all day. It feels good!

How do you think Virtual Reality has changed cam sites?

I think it has made the experience more intimate for users. I had a chance to try in 3D Mode (VR) and I was amazed. It feels so real, like I was there in the room. It was very sexy, I highly recommend trying it.

Originally published at on April 19, 2016.