Will VR ever lead to the other senses?

Virtual reality is here, and it has the most important sense covered. While sight and sound have been a part of entertainment for at least a century, there’s never been anything quite like seeing something in 3D moving right before your eyes in real time. While seeing is believing, the question is, will virtual reality extend to the other senses so users can be totally immersed?

Let’s start with hearing. Certainly being able to listen to sounds in real time is vital to believing what’s in front of you. Luckily, like vision, audio is already implemented in the virtual reality experience, including when talking to your favorite cam girl on AliceX. The real time audio to go along with the real time image makes virtual reality the great new technology it is.

Hearing is important, but touch is arguably the most important sense for virtual reality after vision, as nothing quite tricks the brain into thinking the object is right in front of you (preferably your favorite beautiful AliceX cam girl) as being able to touch it. Fortunately, teledildonics or “cyberdildonics” are here, which are tactile sensations sent over a data link between participants. If you’ve done webcamming before, you may have come across this technology, as it’s certainly celebrated in the community. Sex toys are available featuring teledildonic technology, and it is exciting for fans of AliceX. The potential of a model pleasuring herself for you, and then getting instantaneous feedback on your sex toy can make it feel like you’re right there with her. The technology continues to improve, and perhaps in the future, feeling like you’re actually touching the model, and having it feel like it was really her, could happen. It’s something to look forward to all while being able to get real time interaction with your favorite model through sex toys.

Of the five senses, smelling is great for bringing back memories, and is certainly mixed in with taste. Everyone has experienced smelling something, such as a certain perfume or cologne, and remembered a special someone who wore it. For building a relationship with a cam girl, being able to smell their perfume when talking to them, and perhaps buying a bottle to spray at home, could invoke strong memories when you are away from your headset. FeelReal is currently trying to develop a mask which works in conjunction with your virtual reality viewing by dispensing certain smells through a mask. They have a good number of smells available, but a KickStarter campaign failed to raise necessary funds in 2015.

You’ve probably also had the experience of smelling a certain food, like apple pie, and could literally taste it. Japanese scientist Takuji Narumi is using is playing with human senses, and has developed a headset with different smells. Narumi’s headset has six different tubes which each contain different smells and can be pumped into your nose, thus making you taste the different smells. The headset isn’t commercial yet, and is more intended for weight loss, but the technology is there and can be built upon, which is good news if you’re dreaming of tasting your sexy AliceX cam girl as you could in the real world when kissing someone.

The future is here with virtual reality and AliceX, and the coming years will certainly bring some exciting developments to the virtual world as more people experience the wonders of virtual reality, as the market for virtual reality continues to grow. More and more companies will race to develop the other senses in a bid to give you the best, most immersive experience possible, which is a “win” for us all.

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