The House Of Silk: A book review

As an avid reader of Sherlock Holmes, I took it upon myself to write a review on this book having read it just a while back. After reading all the Sherlock Holmes short stories and novels, it was quite a different experience reading this book.

It’s a great book in itself, but The House of Silk does not represent the element of suspense in the same manner as the other books on the great detective do. There were some points that made me think that this book was different, one of them being the repeated use of “please” instead of “pray”. Moreover, the topic of crime selected by the new author is formidable and noteworthy. However, it is questionable that the original author would have selected such a sensitive topic. The way of starting the narrative is quite different than the original books.

However, the book also shows that the author has taken great pains to bring us back the fantastic feeling of reading a Sherlock Holmes book. The writer’s way of depicting scenarios is very enjoyable. You feel as if you yourself are Dr. Watson and the game’s really afoot. A great thing about Sherlock Holmes books is that you actually live the book in HD. That’s one feature that makes you read them.

Nonetheless, it contains all the elements of a fantastic Sherlock Holmes novel, just in a somewhat less brilliant manner. The style of narration is pretty much the same as Sir Conan Doyle.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, in his life, was Sherlock Holmes himself. Considering that, this book by Horowitz is a marvelous effort. Hope you enjoy reading it.


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