Poweradd Pilot x7 Review

The Poweradd battery pack is a good battery pack to use on the go. It features a torch, led lights showing the percentage of battery left and two ports for charging two different devices although one port has a higher voltage than the other port.

My experience with the product has been perfect, it’s amazing for the times when you’re really low on power and need some extra juice and for the times when you’re on a camping trip and need to charge your phone. It takes just over six hours to charge the power bank. I normally leave it on overnight so it’s full by the morning.

The Poweradd x7 Powerbank

I like this product as it has a high capacity of battery life and can charge a phone six times and can charge a tablet three times. This is great because you can have loads of power for a special trip or if you’re going to go camping and there’s no way to charge your phone.

There’s a few negative things about this battery pack. One of them is weight, it’s very heavy and it’s not something that you would be carrying around with you all of the time. The flash light is also a bit pointless, it isn’t the brightest thing and is a bit gimmicky. I have never needed to use this feature but it’s there if you ever need it.

I personally rate this product 8/10. The battery pack is superb for the price and the only real ‘negative’ thing is the weight which isn’t that big of a problem.

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I was not sponsored by Poweradd to make this review. I purchased this product myself and decided to review this.