The Transition of Fulfillment

Justin Dauer
Jul 14, 2017 · 4 min read

In the beginning you went to school to match a curriculum to your passions. You deconstructed, merged theory with approach, and created layout from nothingness. And you saw it was good.

And you said, “I’ll continue this journey professionally.” With a career and a company Mac you designed and problem solved visually, leveraging your studies, intellect, and natural ability. You had a deep-seeded need to create with your hands that had to be fulfilled. And it was so.

And you said, “I want to continue to grow.” Over time from role-to-role there was an evolution both within, and in organizational seniority: junior-to-mid, mid-to-senior, senior-to-management. Now with a team of your own, a responsibility toward the growth of others began to comprise the majority of your time and energy.

And it felt…strange. It felt different.

An Evolution

How does a painter transition to gallery owner / curator and remain fulfilled?

How does a lead guitarist transition to producer and remain fulfilled?

A Commonality

An Honor

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