Why Alive Ideas ?

We are two experienced entrepreneurs (an “established in 1997” sign should hang here) passionate about changing eco-systems or markets with technology: news, leisure, content, 3D, mobile…


Previously , we have build together during more than 10 years an online media group, Cyréalis, which was behind the success of Clubic (leading tech-related online magazine) and Achetezfacile (comparison shopping), as well as the acquisition and growth of 4 other portals: Jeuxvideo.fr (videogame), Neteco (ebusiness), Mobinaute (mobile) and OZAP (entertainment).

After merging Cyréalis in 2008 with M6 Group (#2 French private TV channel / subsidiary of RTL Group), we worked there during 3 years and launched Deco.fr (home-related portal) and Turbo.fr (automotive portal). After these successful launchs, M6 websites hit 15 million Unique Users (Nielsen//Netratings 10/2010).

In 2011, we left M6 Group to start a new (awesome) entreprenarial adventure: Mapado.com (event discovery & ticketing solutions).

And in 2018, 10 years after selling it to M6, we have had the opportunity to join forces with former colleagues to buy back Clubic, which is now back in the family :)

Sow & Grow

While working for such diversified projects, we started to help — on our spare time — several other business to start and grow… and we enjoyed it.

So we decided to organise ourselves to keep on helping entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life, and created Alive Ideas in 2010 to do so.

To achieve this mission, we seek passionate teams, code-gurus and marketing genius, sharing revolutionary ideas (or at least “fun” ones). We invest at seed stage, where our help can make the difference. We don’t know the full recipe, but we try at least to bring some of the ingredients of success (business tips and smart money).

Over the years, some of the companies we invested in have been acquired by bigger players. We reinvested it all in our portfolio to fuel the virtuous circle of the Alive Ideas family.

Our Mission Statement

We receive a lot of executive summaries and meet many entrepreneurs. Over the years, we have defined 4 rules to select the projects we work with:

Invest smart money and not “only” money (help define the MVP to bootstrap or pivot on new product, solicit our network for immediate action, create synergy with our other investments, work on technologies we know well, expand on markets or territories where we are experienced…)
Real human fit with the founders: we invest our own money, we are not VCs and we are not doing all this for “profit” (first).
Projects with focus on technology (aka real R&D), just because we love it and we usually see what are the tech stakes to disrupt market. Of course, it’s even better if technology creates “barriers to entry”.
Founders having hard times to raise funds. Sometimes we missed great projects due to this rule but we prefer to keep our cash for the ideas we love which would not happen without us.

Our Current Portfolio

We (try to) keep a list of the projects we support on here on Medium.

Contact us

It’s easy : contact [at] aliveideas [dot] fr

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