Alkemi Network TGE is Complete | Unveiling the ALK Governance Token

Max Luck-Hille
Sep 16 · 1 min read

Alkemi Network is pleased to announce the next step of progressive decentralization has taken place. Alkemi Network has been deployed as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) live on the Ethereum mainnet.

Alkemi Network participants are now empowered to propose and vote upon governance of the network.

To this end, the native ALK utility governance token is now live on the Ethereum mainnet at the following contract address: 0x6c16119B20fa52600230F074b349dA3cb861a7e3

1 ALK token provides voters with 1 vote.

DAO participants may propose and discuss governance at and the “✨-governance” channel on our Discord

Alkemi Network DAO voting takes place at

Please note that the token is also now available on Uniswap. Be sure to verify the token contract address (detailed above) is correct.

Follow our Telegram channel for all additional updates.

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Alkemi Network

Alkemi Network

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