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Alkemi Network x Atato | Custody Partnership

Announcing Alkemi Network & Atato Custody Partnership

Alkemi Network has a key focus, bridging institutional capital into DeFi.

Throughout 2021, DeFi saw massive growth and adoption, but many would argue that institutional capital hasn’t arrived yet. This is because interacting with DeFi brings a variety of compliance, regulatory and operational challenges that make it difficult for institutions to participate. Contrarily we’ve seen a large influx of interest from a variety of funds and other financial institutions looking to take advantage of what DeFi has to offer. With the right on-ramps, institutional investors could put their idle digital assets to work and drive the next big wave of capital into DeFi.

We’re excited to announce a strategic partnership between Alkemi Network and Atato to enable Atato’s clients to securely hold Alkemi assets on their digital asset custody platform and provide onramps for their digital assets to be put to work through Alkemi Network’s Earn Protocol — all while adhering to their strict security, operational and compliance requirements.

About Atato

Atato is a Licensed crypto custodian that offers custody solutions for businesses that require a robust and versatile custody platform that simplifies the management and security of their cryptocurrencies using MPC technology. Atato custody offers unique features that allows you to add any token in one click and save up to 90% in ERC transactions fees. You can sign up online and start using Atato custody today.

About Alkemi Network

Alkemi Network is an institution-grade DeFi platform. Users on the protocol are able to put their digital asset capital to work in a number of borrowing and lending pools, allowing them to earn a yield on otherwise idle capital. The flagship protocol, Alkemi Earn, facilitates borrowing and lending within a compliant environment via a primary permissioned liquidity pool of digital assets (ETH, WBTC and stablecoins). Earn also offers access to a secondary, permissionless liquidity pool of digital assets as part of Alkemi Network’s mission to enable everyone to join the decentralized financial ecosystem. To learn more about Alkemi Network, please visit:

For further inquiries please contact:

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Alkemi Network is building an on-chain liquidity network with a suite of tools and products that serve as onramps for everyone to participate in decentralized finance.

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