Connect Android Device with Android Wear Emulator / Pair Android Device with Android Wear Emulator

Connect Android Device with Android wear, Couple of months ago I was working on android wear I made a simple application called “Location based tasks” using Geofence check it out the github repo.

So in which I need to show the mobile notification to android watch when I reached to the location which I was set. I had faced a lot of trouble just to pair the device and after that I got the solution so today I’m gona tell you guy’s the steps so lets jump into it.

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Steps 1: Installed Android Wear application from Google play store on both devices phone & wear emulator. Below is the Link

Steps 2: Go to wear emulator Settings -> System -> About -> Tab the build number 7 times to enable the developer option.

Step 3: Then go to wear emulator Developer Option and checked “ADB Debugging” and “Debug over Bluetooth”.

Step 4: Then go to android SDK location “platform-tools” and open command window and run the below command.


Step 5: On the phone, in the Android Wear app, begin the standard pairing process. For example, on the Welcome screen, tap the Set it up button. Alternatively, if an existing watch already is paired, in the upper-left drop-down, tap Add a New Watch.

Step 6: On the phone, in the Android Wear app, tap the Overflow button, and then tap Pair with Emulator.

Step 7: Tap the Settings icon.

Step 8: Under Device Settings, tap Emulator.

Step 9: Tap Accounts and select a Google Account, and follow the steps in the wizard to sync the account with the emulator. If necessary, type the screen-lock device password, and Google Account password, to start the account sync.

Step 10: That’s it now you paired your device with android wear emulator.

Hurrryyyyyyy!!! You achieved :D

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