Countdown to MozFest 2016 — Youth Zone here I come!

Busy! Busy! Busy! Under 2 weeks to go until MozFest 2016. Hi my name is Joshua and I am lucky enough to be running a workshop and helping out in the Youth Zone at this year’s MozFest in London. Most of my spare time involves coding and developing. I attend as many local Makerspaces and Raspberry Jams as I can, often travelling further a field for annual events. I belong to a great community of makers, hackers and developers, all of who play a big part in helping me develop my skills. This year I have developed a Python Library called Edupython and a block version called EduBlocks. It works great with Minecraft and building simple circuits with breadboards. My MozFest workshop will use this to bring Minecraft to life with a Halloween Twist, hence the name — Minecraft Hackoween with EduBlocks.

With under 2 weeks to go until MozFest I am busy putting all the final touches together, creating Pip packages, slide presentations, worksheets and of course having a trial run through of my workshop. Hopefully all this preparation will mean my workshop runs smoothly. Fingers crossed!
So what am I expecting MozFest to be like? Honest answer is I am not really sure. Do I think I am going to have fun? YES! Do I think I am going to meet & work with some amazing people? ABSOLUTELY! And Do I think I am going to be inspired? Totally! What I do know is I am going to make the most of this amazing opportunity. One of the things I am really looking forward to is meeting up with all the other young people involved and learning from each other. I also can’t wait to explore MozFest, do a bit of networking and see the many and varied things on show.

If you are attending MozFest this year, don’t forget to pop into the Youth Zone, come and see all the different workshops we have on offer. I’ve heard the one called — Minecraft Hackoween with Edublocks — on the Sunday is a must!