Humiliation Is Not A Niche

But you clapped anyway

Carlo Zeno
All About M


Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

the last time we met
was 160 years ago —

you were a fox
and I might have
been a bear

neither of us had money
then and neither of us
have money now

I ran into you on a
platform called
Stubblestack, where
you bragged and
brayed about a
thing called the
Schmooze, or maybe
it was the Boost


the point is I recognized
your red-glazed fox fur
and the swagger in
your word choice —

still brandishing those
adjectives like you were
about to skin a
few rabbits

160 years is a long time,
but apparently not
long enough

your stats on
Stubblestack were
every bit as bad
as mine, but you
pretended they
were the bee’s



Carlo Zeno
All About M

Top writer in poetry and satire. Migrant. Expat. INFP. Poet. Satirist. Tragedian. Tutor. Public Servant.