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Letting Medium choose your reading for you

Carlo Zeno
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3 min readJun 20, 2024


Build, lead, research, work, strive, grow, win! / Photo by Shiromani Kant on Unsplash

I’m a guy who likes to get with the program. And recently Medium changed their program.

Thus spoke Coach:

  1. “The internet is broken and getting worse.”
  2. Medium recommends the most informed writers, not the loudest.”
  3. Medium rewards writers who do even more of the hard work of researching and articulating their ideas and knowledge.”
  4. “Our curation system uses subject-matter experts to spot the good stuff for you.”

Fantastic. Say no more. I’m all in.

I’m just the writer to repair your internet. I won’t be loud about it. I will be a soft-spoken expert in a little known field called Bullshit.

Why do you need Bullshit, you might ask?

Because Horseshit was taken by the self-help experts. I’m here to relieve you of taking those self-help droppings too seriously or literally.

There is a self-help flavor to Coach’s sales pitch of Medium’s new direction. It’s about quality research, being an expert (a word in itself that carries Horseshit connotations), and hard work



Carlo Zeno
All About M

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