Going all in with Meteor.JS

I heard about Meteor.JS sometime ago, back when it first came out. At the time I really didn’t understand much about it but I did like the idea behind it. Especially using the same code on the client and server.

A couple of weeks ago I decide to test out Meteor.JS, I was learning Ruby on Rails but didn’t feel that excited about it. Again I’m not much of server side program I know PHP but I love the client and my background is JavaScript and ActionScript. After playing around with Meteor.JS and creating a simple app at the PayPal hackathon I have to say “Wow” it’s amazing.

I have decide to go all in with Meteor.JS, learn as much as I can about it and mostly importantly create apps with it. Currently I have 3 applications planed that should cover Meteor.JS in full. I would like to do one per two weekends.

Why I’m choosing Meteor.JS

  • I really like the idea of using JavaScript for the server side and client side.
  • I like how data synchronization is done and how Mongo.DB is fully integrated.
  • The Meteor.JS development environment is great and really like how they have their own “grunt” and packages. Now we just need Webstorm integration.
  • It’s open source of course and the team behind it raised an $11.2 million seed round. That’s a big development budget so I don’t think it’s going to disappear.

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