ProFusion Expo: Canon Presents Peter McKinnon On the Main Stage

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Canon Presents Canadian Photographer, Filmmaker and YouTube sensation Peter McKinnon who’ll join us on the main stage for his engaging presentations.

With over a million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Peter is one of the most popular Canadian filmmakers / photographers on YouTube today.

Unfamiliar with Peter’s work? Here is an example of what we can except during his main stage presentation.

Bored with photography

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Peter McKinnon Main Stage Presenter

About Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon is a Canadian photographer who educates viewers about photography and cinematography on his eponymous YouTube channel.

He has been featured in Magic Magazine, Popular Photography Magazine and more.

Peter currently has one of the top camera related outlets on the internet via self titled channel on YouTube.”

Follow Peter on social:

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Originally published at Pro Photo Blog.

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