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All-Day Breakfast
A quest for creative momentum; a daily reflection on our modern age and the human condition. Plus, you can order an omelette any time. #createmore
Note from the editor

Creating All-Day Breakfast has made me a better person. It has given me something unexpected to wake up to every morning. It’s like a daily mystery box, delivered by drone, from my unconscious mind. It’s like art therapy, digging out daily ruminations and sifting them for pretty rocks. It’s like walking into a restaurant in the middle of the afternoon and asking, “Do you still serve breakfast?” and hearing them reply, “All day.” Thank you for reading! —Jason Theodor

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Jason Theodor
is a Director of Imagination/Speaker/Writer/Geek who is trying to comprehend his surroundings. He’s also writing a book: https://medium.com/creative-ignition
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