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Ken-doll hue


151102 All-Day Breakfast—Ken-doll hue—#18

This is not me. It kinda looks like me, but there are so many things about it that are slightly off. Most of my hard-earned wrinkles—forged through personal tragedies, triumphs, and of course PARENTING—have been erased. My tired eyes have been ever-so-enlarged, like subtle manga (is there such a thing?). The face-defining wide bridge of my nose has been homogenized, and my entire face looks narrower to take off the 10lbs a camera is supposed to add.

And don’t get me started on the Ken-doll hue of plastic skin. Welcome to the beginning of how AR (Augmented Reality) is beginning to creep into our everyday lives. Snapchat’s facial recognition and subsequent real-time visual manipulations could become the new make-up/plastic surgery/cos-play for the 21st Century. (Btw, nobody says 21st Century unless they were born in the 20th.)

The filter still needs to fix my grey streaks, slowly receding hairline, and not-quite-even moustache. Fashion sense will require a more powerful app/filter, but it’s coming. One day we’ll all have ocular implants that will allow us to see and be perceived differently than we “really are.” Eventually, we might lose track.

I’m going to go watch the movie THEY LIVE again to remember the future.

(!) According to Snapchat’s new Terms and Conditions, they have every right to use this photo for any purpose until the end of the known, augmented universe.

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