ADB-151129 A terrorist’s best hiding place is in our fear.

151129 All-Day Breakfast — A terrorist’s best hiding place is in our fear.

My grandparents were refugees fleeing the horror of Germany after WWII. Canada didn’t let them in at first, because my Oma was an amputee and considered a burden to the TAXPAYERS (my least favourite word because it puts payment above citizenship — it implies that children, stay-at-home parents, the elderly or infirm, are of lesser value to society). Anyway, they eventually got in after many years of trying. Oma had 7 children: A principal, 2 teachers, an accountant, a judge, a computer programmer and a doctor. Refugees and immigrants are what made Canada into what it is today — one of the few places where differences are tolerated. A terrorist’s best hiding place is in our fear.

We are scared so we protect what we know from what we don’t know, and shut down.

I get to have a laptop playing movies in my living room with a designer dog and a warm fireplace because my grandparents eventually were accepted by the society I live in. Now it’s my turn to help.

Look back far enough: ‪#‎weareallrefugees‬

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